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When Springs Break (Part 2)

Shackle Reversal Spring Hanger

When Springs Break (Part 1) covered the basics of spring flex and potential problem that can arise.   Springs are a critical part of your suspension to provide for tire contact with the ground and keep the axle of your 4x4 centered while allowing movement.  So, what are solutions to reducing the chance of spring failure?  Certainly, moving to a coil spring suspension is one option to eliminate the flex issue with leaf springs.  Another option is to install to a shackle reversal.  That is a simpler and more cost effective option.

As noted in Part 1, leaf springs have a fixed point and a movable point.  For the front leaf springs, the fixed point is about mid-center of the vehicle.  When the front wheel encounters an obstacle, it is pushed back against the fixed point.  The force can cause undue stress on the spring and a potential for breaking near the rearward spring hanger: the fixed point.

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When springs break...

There comes a time when venturing off road that leaf springs do fail.  Your day of 4x4 fun comes to an abrupt end.

Such an occurrence recently happened to me. Luckily, the main leaf spring did not completely break and I was able to make it home after some scrounging and rigging a "splint" to keep the spring from flexing and completing the break.

Time for a little break analysis.  For starters, the springs were new when installed with the spring-over lift in November and had seen 6 days of on the trail use.  Springs are designed to flex and should offer trouble free action over an extended life.  Spring failure can result from abnormal stress or metal weakness due to improper tempering.

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Conservation Triangle – Extraction, Preservation and Recreation

Much is said today about the changing lifestyle that allows more freedom for leisure time activities, more time for recreation.  During leisure time, people have the freedom to engage in a variety of activities and outdoor recreation is popular.  Some recreationists are informed and experienced; others are uninformed and inexperienced.

The term "uninformed recreationist" refers to the one that is gung-ho go anywhere at anytime without a care in the world for what is happening.  Someone that has the attitude that they "own" the land and their “rights” come first, above all else.

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