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  1. Tom Severin
  2. General Trails
  3. Monday, 09 May 2016

We now have all six colors of our Winch Recovery Bandana back in stock!

[img]images/image003-1.jpg[/img]The Winch Recovery Bandana layout follows the “Vehicle Recovery Plan” with pathways to more detail.

A unique section of the Bandana, gives the steps for a “Winch Rigging Check: Walk through” so that you verify every element of the rigging before you commit to the pull.

Stuff this in your recovery kit and you will always be ready.

The Orange and Red went fast last time with blue not far behind so if you want a specific color order now while we have them all available.

[b]Warning – [/b][i]the Bandana is not a substitute for proper training and use of quality equipment used within the bounds of their safe working load. We advise you to use the information provided in the Winching Recovery Bandana at your own risk. We cannot control the quality and specifications of the equipment used and the methods actually employed.[/i]

For more information and a link to order the bandana:


[b] [/b]

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