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BREAKING NEWS - OHV Challenges FS Planning Rule

Dear OHV Enthusiast,

Effective OHV advocacy requires us to be substantively engaged in stakeholder groups, on-site projects, volunteerism, trail ethics, politics, legal, and the administrative process.

As you know, I am a contractor to the BlueRibbon Coalition and have served as their Western Representative for over 19 years. In that capacity, I have had lead roles on behalf of the organization on critical access issues such as the Clinton-Gore Roadless Initiative, the Sierra Nevada Framework, and their related legal and administrative challenges.

I want to bring to your attention a new legal battle of similar import that challenges the Forest Service's Planning Rule. The suit questions the agency's move from congressional mandated multiple -uses, which includes recreation, to a new mission: ecological sustainability.

On June 5, BRC joined with a large group of multiple-use stakeholders and filed suit to challenge the Forest Service Planning Rule. On behalf of BRC, I filed a declaration as part of that brief.

I would urge you to review both the brief and the declaration at the links below:

Link to Planning Rule Legal Brief (52 pages)

Link to Don Amador/BRC's Declaration (7 pages)

I believe this will prove to be one of OHV's most important legal battles in the 21st Century. I urge your support of BRC's legal effort and consider making a tax-deductible donation today to help them/us continue the fight.

Donate Here to Support Legal Challenge (add notation that it is for the planning rule lawsuit)

Thanks for your review of this important issue!


Don Amador, President
Quiet Warrior Racing/Consulting

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