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Cooling, warming, or just changing - natually

Climate change, AKA "global cooling" and later "global warming", is happening.  The " deniers" are unwilling to accept that the earth has been warmer in the past than today.  And, conversely, the earth has been colder in the past than today. The climate does change over time.

In the 1970's, global cooling was the cause du jour; as a result of man's intervention.  Fast forward 30 years and global warming was the cause du jour; as a result of man's intervention.

Today, the cooling/warming mantra is combined under "change".  Interestingly, the "cause" remains the same; a result of man's intervention.  And the proposed solutions are the same: more government control of the economy, higher taxes, and loss of freedoms.

And, there is the ever constant flow of dollars into "proving" that man is responsible or global cooling, or global warming, or climate change.  Yes, the climate has changed, does change, and continues to change.  Natural variation moves on.....

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