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Politics and Wheeling Opportunity

So, what does that have to do with wheeling opportunities?  Well, the current administration is poised to move a political agenda that will insert government control into every aspect of daily life.  Waiting under the wings of health care are a series of massive wilderness proposals that will set aside vast tracks of public lands as non-motorized, non-development areas.

Recreation is concerned about development of public lands as development reduces recreation opportunity.  While wilderness designation halts potential development, one has to ask just what "development" is being halted?

In the southwest, that development is alternative energy.  In Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, that development is oil and gas production.  At a time when "green energy" is being touted as jobs and economy growth, vast tracts of land suitable for "green energy" development are about to be placed into wilderness.  At a time when politicians call for reducing dependance on foreign oil for energy, domestic energy supplies are being placed off-limits in wilderness areas.

So, all eyes are on Massachusetts and the January 19 special election.  Seating a Republican from a traditionally "blue" state has a potential significant impact on the social agenda of the current administration.

There are interesting implications from this special election with potential implications to the November 2, 2010 General Election.

Do you know where your elected representatives stand?

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