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The Trail PAC - Let's Get our OHV Campgrounds Opened

Dear Trail Voter,

Now that it is likely we will see a short-term budget deal signed into law later today, TPAC believes that it is incumbent upon OHV voters to communicate with their contacts in the land agencies about "going-back-to-work" guidelines from the Office of Personnel Management.

It appears the same outdated mandates from the Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA) that forbids federal staff from any non-emergency intra-agency staff communications or public outreach may hamper the expedited return to work by furloughed employees.

October 11, 2013 OPM Furlough Guidelines

According to OPM Guidelines..."When a continuing resolution or an FY [state year] appropriation for [agency name] is approved, you will be expected to return to work on your next regular duty day.

Based on feedback from TPAC's contacts in Washington and OPM-related articles such as the one below, TPAC believes that - given the substantial economic impact of the shutdown on furloughed employees and the recreating public - OHV stakeholders should share this information with their federal contacts because one cannot rely on federal agencies to receive this information in a timely manner due to the communication constraints of the ADA.

Article on OPM Return to Work Orders

TPAC believes the spirit and intent of the aforementioned guidelines encourages federal line officers to use common sense in calling back furloughed workers in time to reopen camping and riding areas for the weekend.

Regardless of your political position on the shutdown, the closures of the last two + weeks highlight the importance of being engaged in the political process.

Best regards,


Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC


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