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Trail Program Funds Over $12,000 to Stewardship Projects

The Clean Trail Initiative Program Helps Protect Cherished Trails

PAOLI, Pa. (Oct. 17, 2018) - ExtremeTerrain, off-road outfitters for Jeeps and Toyota trucks, has announced another season of donations to non-profits working in the great outdoors. The Clean Trail Initiative Program was founded by the e-commerce auto parts business in 2015 and setup to fund trail improvement projects that can include anything from off highway vehicle (OHV) trail clean-up, restoration, expansion, and more. ExtremeTerrain has worked with dozens of 4x4 clubs/groups across the country, enacting changes for the improvement of trail conditions and the relationships that connect motorized and non-motorized backcountry enthusiasts.

Forty-three grants, funding $12,650 in trail improvement projects around the country, have now been distributed to various organizations. In just the past few months – for the summer and fall of 2018 – ExtremeTerrain has approved an additional 14 grants bringing the seasonal support of these environmentally conscious efforts to $3,500.

Additionally, the ExtremeTerrain mission statement includes a vision to bridge the gap between motorized and non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts. Despite some negative stereotypes that exist in the recreational outdoor industry, the company understands that most people using public and private trails are dedicated to the responsible treatment of the resources that make their hobbies and pastimes possible. The grants tied to the Clean Trails Initiative Program can help to improve relationships in the backcountry, by showing solidarity in environmental stewardship efforts.

Applying for a Clean Trail Grant is easy; interested organizations can head to https://www.extremeterrain.com/clean-trail-initiative-program.html and click to apply for a grant by filling out a short questionnaire.

With a grant from ExtremeTerrain, groups of hard-working trail clean up teams can get the tools needed to clean, restore, or expand local trails, helping to maintain the trail system(s) and improve it for future off-road enthusiasts.
About ExtremeTerrain

ExtremeTerrain.com is a leader in providing enthusiasts with aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts. Located just outside Philadelphia, PA, ExtremeTerrain is dedicated to providing Jeep Wrangler owners with the best parts at the best prices while also ensuring the conservation and protection of off-road trails. For more information, visit http://www.extremeterrain.com

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