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Trip and Trail report guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for what content we're looking for in our Trip and Trail Reports.

Our trail reports usually consist of two types of articles: Trip Reports, which describe a journey, and Trail (or area) Descriptions, which provide specific information about a specific trail or location. Both types of articles are welcome. However, every Trip Report should also be a Trail Description.

All Trail Descriptions should have at least these facts:

  • Your name
  • The state and area (mountain range, national forest, etc)
  • Name of the trail
  • Directions to the starting point from the nearest city
  • Where the trail goes
  • Phone number and address of the nearest Ranger Station, BLM office, etc. as appropriate.

Your report should start with the following summary:


  • 4WD Moderate
  • Experienced Driver
  • 4.5 miles, avg. time 4 hours
  • Good Day Trip Rock Crawling Trail
  • Forest Scenery, Meadows, 2 Clear Rivers


Click here for our standard Trail Ratings guidelines.

If a 4x4 club has adopted the trail, or is particularly active in the area, include a contact for the club - a name, phone number, email address, etc.

Provide mileages to turnoffs, forks, etc

If possible, provide GPS coordinates to important locations.

Your first paragraph should include the standard Who, What, Where, When and Why. Remember that your readers may be on the other side of the continent and may not know anything about the area you are taking them in your story.

Be sensitive to "Tread Lightly" issues. If there are portions of the trail that are environmentally sensitive, let us know that. Don't use any photos or tell about any actions that show destruction of natural resources, or spills of oils, gas, etc, unless you also discuss how to properly handle the situation.

Tell us anything interesting about the trail - tough obstacles, spectacular views, particularly good places to stop, how long it took to drive it, etc.

Tell when you made your trip, and note whether the trail is open year round or is seasonal, and whether snow, heat, etc might be problems at other times of the year.

Let the reader know about places to camp or nearby motels, restaurants, gas stations, and stores.

Keep your report short, and edit it - remember that your report will be read online, and online readers tend to want pictures with a summary and will bypass long articles.

Include photos. Send us two or three, or more if you like. Show your rig in action, and let us see some of the scenery. Write a brief caption for each photo. If you include people in your pictures, tell us who they are. If you can scan the pictures in yourself, great; just remember to reduce the size to no more than 300 pixels wide and set the resolution to 72 so the file is small.

If you are with a club or an association, tell us about them. List members, show pictures of their rigs, and let people know how to get in touch if they want membership information.

If you are willing to answer questions, include your E-mail address.

E-mail your story in plain *.txt format with notes indicating where the pictures go.

These guidelines are flexible. We�re really looking forward to reading your report. Remember that it may be edited for space and other considerations.


4x4Wire Team

Trail Rating Guidelines
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