Your Club as a Business – Management

Your Club as a Business – Management

You start with an idea.  You develop the idea into reality.  Circumstances change.  Can you change to meet the new challenges?  Are you willing to change?  Management is adapting to change.  Planning aids the task of management; adapting to change.  So, what is 'management'?

Management is making people more effective than they would have been without you and involves planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring.  Management is changing your vision into reality.

Planning.  Management starts with planning. Good management starts with good planning.  So, what is a “plan”?  A plan is intentional; a method of doing something that is worked out in detail before it is begun.  A plan is a detailed list of steps to be done.  A plan starts with a vision, or mission statement, of what is to be accomplished. A plan forces you to clarify your goals and how much money (time) you are willing to commit.  A plan will help determine how you will allocate your time.  Time is money and it is the most important asset you can invest.  A plan helps you make a wise investment.

A basic plan involves identifying a goal and determining how you will reach that goal.  The plan helps identify what you have and what you need and what you need to do.

Organizing.  You have a plan. Do you have everything ready?  Is your organization prepared? Do they know what to do?  Do they have the equipment and materials they need?  Your plan will help make sure everything needed is ready to go, or will be when it is needed. Your plan will help make sure that everyone understands their role and the importance of their role to the overall success.

Directing.  You have organized the work and provided the necessary material.  The workers have the materials and know what to do.  Tell them when to start.  Tell people what they need to do and when they need to do it.  Like a driver, you turn the key, start the engine, put it in gear, and guide the direction of the vehicle.

Monitoring.  Now that you have everything moving (organized), monitor, or watch, the action to make sure everything is going according to the plan. When it isn't going according to plan, you need to step in and adjust (direct) the plan.

Problems will come up. Someone will get sick. A part won't be delivered on time. By planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring, you can adapt to the change.  As the manager, you need to be aware of what's going on so you can make (direct) the adjustments as required.

Managing people and projects is not easy.   Management is a skill and like any other skill, is something that you can improve with planning.  Management is adapting to change.  Planning aids the task of management; adapting to change.  Adapting to change requires good planning.

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